10 Tips For Safely Operating A Forklift

A forklift is part of what is called heavy machinery. You are hiring a forklift from a forklift rental services but dont know to drive it carefully. Forklift solves many problems, but it also has a number of risks. But you can avoid them and helps you with these tips.

  1. When climbing the forklift, the operator must use the three- bracket rule . Also, you should never climb on the side of the levers.
  2. The operator must turn on the forklift once it is installed, never before. Throughout the operation, the hands and legs should remain inside the cab.
  3. In the forklift only the operator must go, so there must be a sign that prohibits carrying, raising or lowering other people.

  1. The operator must control the speed of the forklift taking into account possible incidents (such as slippery or cracked surfaces, distracted pedestrians, etc.)
  2. The forklift should not carry more weight than it can (the amount stated in its manual). The equipment itself is heavy and, therefore, does not stop quickly and this will make it more complicated to avoid overturning of overload.
  3. A forklift is after all a vehicle, so the operator should not exceed the normal driving hours. If the operations must continue, it should give way to their relief.
  4. It is advisable to install a protective visor of planks in the access to the platform of the forklift in order to protect it of impacts by fall of materials.
  5. The mechanical elements of the engine of each forklift must be properly covered by a protective frame.
  6. The forklift truck platform must be surrounded by a guard rail covered by a welded mesh.
  7. Once your operation is complete, the forklift should be parked on a flat, hard surface, its forks lowered to ground level, and the parking brake on (with the engine off).

When operating a forklift, unexpected and particular situations arise that challenge the operator’s expertise. Stay tuned for the next articles because not only will we tell you which ones are the main ones, but we will also advise you how to successfully deal with them.

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