Bikes For Kids

Some of the fondest memories that most people can agree on when they were kids, were centered around a bicycle or bike. In years past a bike was a bike, there were only a few well-known brands and each of them essentially made the same bike and the only differences to speak of were the names and the colors. Now the times have changed, if its been a while since you have shopped for a bike and you are about to go look for one for your kid, be prepared for a shock as we take a look at the many different factors involved in picking out the bike kids.

Balanced Beginnings

So your little kite is ready for their first bike? That’s great, but where do you begin? Let’s take a look at how to pick the best type of bikes for kids aged two and up. At the age of two a child has already mastered walking and is working on running, but in most cases has a pretty steady grasp on balance. The best bike at this age is called a balancing bike. This bike is like a cross between a bike and a scooter in that it has the basic form of a bike with a seat and handle bars, but lacks pedals and has a foot rest similar to a scooter instead. These bikes are great for beginners who can solely focus on learning what can be the hardest aspect of riding a bike, balancing. Once they have mastered balancing the bike without the distraction of pedals and brakes, then they are ready to move up to a conventional bike and in most cases this can be done at the age of three and up.

Bikes For Kids

Factors To Consider

When choosing your kid’s bike as they grow there are a few standard factors that you should take into consideration as we briefly look at each of these. Firstly it will be personal preference, of course you want your kid to like the looks of the bike, so you should let your kid pick out the style of bike when it comes to colors and so on. Once that’s out of the way it is important to match your kid with a bike that is just the right size, allowing their feet to safely reach the ground and at the same time allowing them to pedal the bike without excess strain on the knee. The speed of a bike when pedaling is a crucial aspect of choosing the right bike and this is usually determined upon the skill level of the kid in question, if you are confident your kid can handle a faster more responsive bike then you would go for a bike with a high gain ratio, but if you feel that they need a little more time to build up their skills you would choose a bike with a lower gain ratio (gain ratio relates directly to the responsiveness of a bike when being pedaled, the higher the gain ratio the more responsive and faster the bike and the lower the gain ratio the less responsive and slower the bike will be).

Brakes are always a factor that should be weighed with great importance when choosing the best bike for 4 year old kid, the most expensive and effective choice is to get a bike with the most recent braking technology on a bike and that is the disc brake system, though you can still purchase bikes with the old braking systems. Last but not least is the budget you are looking to maintain and that is typically based on your personal preference. Now go pick out your road bike with confidence and help them make memories of their own.

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