How Does A Vacuum Pump Work For The Penis?

You are suffering with small penis? So last time you are looking for the best penis pumps and now you have the pump and dont know how the pump works. Then read our helpful article below:


Vacuum pumps for the penis are a temporary solution for men suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED). According to experts at the Mayo Clinic, this device is more appropriate for men who are not candidates for implant surgery, have tried drugs to treat ED and have not been successful or for men who fail to have an erection as a result Of a prostate surgery. Once you are finished with intercourse, the penis returns to its normal size.

Talk To Your Doctor

There are a variety of vacuum pumps on the market, many of which are available for purchase online or through magazines. However, these pumps are not safe or just do not work. To make sure you will buy a pump that fits your specific needs and is made by a reputable company, talk to your doctor. In many cases, he may recommend one or give you a prescription to get the right pump for you.

Using Your Pump

Using your penis pump is very simple once you get used to it and you become familiar with the three elements that make it up: the plastic tube, the constriction bands and the pump.

Start by placing the plastic tube on your penis. At that point you can start pumping, which will first remove all the air inside the tube allowing the pump to attract blood to your penis, resulting in an erection. Once your penis is erect, place a constriction band on the base to keep the blood inside. Doctors at the Mayo Clinic recommend leaving the constrictor ring on your penis for no more than 30 minutes. Leaving it longer can cut the circulation resulting in damage to the nerves of your penis.

Recognized Side Effects

Penis pumps are very safe, but not for everyone. If you have any type of blood disorder such as sickle cell anemia, blood clots are likely to occur. Similarly, if you take blood thinners like coumadin or aspirin, you may bleed excessively, which can result in damage to your penis.

Side effects that are an indication that you should stop using the pump include numbness or cooling of your penis when you apply the constrictor ring, inability or delay to ejaculate and pain or burning in your penis.

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