How To Fix Broken Glass Window

A broken windowpane not only allows the time in your home, it is also a safety hazard. Fortunately, broken glass is one of the easiest problems to fix. You can buy replacement glass, cut to size, in wood warehouses and hardware stores. This is how to replace a broken glass in a single panel (a glass thickness) of the window:

Step 1: Measure new glass frame. It should be just smaller than the aperture to allow expansion and contraction and to allow for imperfections in frame or glass. Measure both senses through the opening, from inside edge to inside edge, and subtract 1.16 to 1.8 inches in each direction. It has double cutting force of glass for these precise dimensions. Buy enough points or new glazier clips to be installed every 6 inches or less around panel.

Step 2: To seal the new window glass with glaziers’ compound all over the outside edge, roll another composite glazing wire, and press firmly into the glass-frame joint, the entire panel. Use a spatula to smooth the compound along the joint of the entire panel, matching the putty to other nearby windows. Keep spatula at an angle to the edge of the frame, so knife cuts aggravate cleanly and evenly along glass. If sticks spatula or tugs in the glaze complex, leaf dip in flaxseed oil, and shake off the excess. Use long, soft strokes to keep joints even around panel.

Step 3: With razor blade or glass scraper, carefully remove excess glazed composite ‘from both sides of the new glass and frame. Allow to dry compound for about three days.

Step 4: Paint new composite and frame to match the rest of the frame. Paint Lap lightly over the composite edge and over glass to seal full panel. Make sure paint is dry before glass is clean.

Other Window-Repair Tips No matter what type of window repair you may have to deal with, the additional guidelines below can help you get the job done faster with less mess.

To prevent a crack crystal from spreading, score a small bow with a glass cutter just past the crack, curving around. Most of the crack time will travel only as far as the arc.

Before you try to chisel the toughened putty of a wooden window frame, brush raw linseed oil onto putty. Soak in soften the putty.

Fill a shotgun hole in a glass with clear nail polish or lacquer. Dab in the hole when the application dries, reapply and re-apply until the hole fills. The panel will appear clear.

To cover a clear bathroom window without putting curtains, make the opaque glass with the brush in a mixture of 4 tablespoons of Epsom salts and 1/2 liter of stale beer.

Window screens sometimes become broken or bent and need to be taken care of before they become a monstrosity or safety hazard. Learn how to repair and replace the screens in the next section.

What You Will Need

Here are the tools you want to have on hand to replace broken window glass:

  • Safety Glasses
  • ¬†Scotch tape
  • Hammer
  • Thick Gloves
  • Chisel or scraper
  • Linseed oil
  • Clean clothes
  • Measuring tape
  • Replacement Glass
  • Glazing points or spring clips
  • Spatula
  • Glazing compound or putty
  • Single-edged shaving razor or glass scraper
  • Rust-resistant paint and brush

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