One of the typical questions asked by many companies is how to get Twitter followers fast, and it is curious because it is usually one of the biggest concerns of the clients that I advise and that have a presence in this social network. And that is not at odds with whether they are big companies or not, although it is true that large companies often have more clear how Twitter works.

But for the vast majority of businesses, it does not matter if those followers serve for something or not, if they can become potential customers or if they are going to bring traffic to your website, that does not matter. What they want is to have more followers than the competition and to sell more … we still do not understand how this goes and we are still betting on vanity metrics.

Twitter has always been a good source of traffic for my blog and my projects, which makes me have affection.

That growth is due in large part to the fact of having a blog with many visits, from which I sense that they find me new profiles and I start to continue there. I tell you that I intuit because I sincerely right now I’m not controlling how many people follow me on Twitter – because that topic is not a priority for me – but if you ask me how many visits my blog has every day I can say perfectly without hesitation.


Optimizing a Twitter profile is key to getting followers. So much so that they find us and that once they have found us, our profile is attractive enough for the potential follower to follow us.

Basic points but not less important are:


The profile photo is the first thing that a future follower will see and this one must be of good quality. I am not in favor of putting photos that are not of oneself (like landscapes, cars, celebrities, plants, animals, etc.), nor of drawings, caricatures, comics or avatars. Usually people want to face the person who manages that account and see a photo encourages much more to follow than a caricature of that person. In the case of company Twitter accounts, putting the logo (again in good quality) can be a good strategy or not.

If the account is your company, and the Twitter user is the name of your company, there is no problem in putting the logo. In fact, I can not think of a better photo for the profile, but keep in mind that many users when they see who follows them are a company, do not return the follow. In my case, I currently do not follow company accounts except for a few cases. On the contrary, if your account is a company but it is your own person who manages it – with name and surname -, it is best that you put a photo of you and not the one of your logo.


My best recommendation is to make use of a good header photo. Not only is it a quality photo, but also that photo is viewed correctly from the Twitter mobile application. If you put texts in this image make sure they read correctly by visiting your profile from a mobile device.


Twitter makes it complicated because you have to summarize your biography in 160 characters, and next to the profile picture, is one of the most important parts in any profile and what determines that someone follows you or not on Twitter.

It is best that you use this space to describe who you are and what you do in the most clear and synthesized way possible. I do not recommend putting quotes, nonsense sentences or something so that they can not identify who you are and what you do. Consider putting keywords in your biography that you want to be found. A further link to your web page, blog or LinkedIn profile will help with more information to convince those potential followers.


The same tool I mentioned above serves to search for users by location, and many people and companies use it to find new profiles based on where they are located.

So putting where you are can be a good way to attract new followers. It is better to put a city than a country or a town.

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