How To Prevent My Mattress From Sinking

To sleep well and to have a good rest is fundamental to feel perfect and to assume with energy the daily routine. But, although it seems simple to achieve, sometimes we do not take into account the most important elements that will ensure our optimal rest. Having a good pillow , and knowing how to use it, or with a good mattress will guarantee a good sleep. This time, at we explain how to prevent your mattress from sinking . With the following tricks you will keep your mattress firm and perfect to help you sleep well and rest better. Avoid muscle problems during sleep and sleep at ease. Take note!


1. Mattresses tend to sink or deform for various reasons, mainly by our own weight . However, it is necessary to point out that this is not an overweight on our part, but by the pressure of our body that rests for so many hours – and sometimes in the same posture – on top of the mattress; So that this, finally, yields.

2. To stop the mattress from sinking, you should initially ensure that it is correctly supported on the bed structure and structure. Although it may seem noticeable, sometimes it might have removaled. We advise you buy the best mattress as well as the bed mattress at the very same time, only in this manner you will certainly make sure that they mesh; Also, we discuss other suggestions in our article on the best ways to pick a bed structure appropriately.

3. Remove sheets, duvet and other objects you have on the bed and check the current condition of your mattress. Make sure that on both sides have a special coverage for the mattress.

4. Turn your mattress over; This is usually done once or twice a year, although you can do it more often. You can also rotate it in two ways: by rotating it horizontally – by its short sides – or by turning it vertically by its long sides.

5. The key to preventing your mattress from sinking is to go alternating both modes. This will distribute the weight so that it is not always concentrated in the same area of ​​the mattress. With this simple trick you will extend the life of your mattress and reduce your back and neck pains when sleeping. You will rest much better.

However, if your mattress sinks too much or you simply feel that you do not rest well, it is probably time to replace it with a new one. And is that the professionals assure that it is advisable to change it every 10 years, but it is also possible that you must do it sooner. So that you know all the evidence that you must buy a new one, in a How we explain how much to change the mattress , where you will find the elements in which you should look.

Check that the mattress does not contain moisture, if so, open the window, approach it and let it dry all day, if you have a patio is not a bad idea to take it out in the sun. Moisture causes mattresses to sink especially from the middle, middle of the mattress .

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