Juanita Deharo

Event date: 21 May 2010 - 4 Jul 2010

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Exhibit:  May 20-June 13, Noosa Regional Gallery

Juanita Deharo exists only in cyberspace. She works primarily in the on-line virtual world Second Life, but also has a presence various other on-line communities, including Open Life, OpenSim, Twinity, Facebook, and Twitter. She is an accomplished 3D builder and a mediocre scripter.

Since 2006 she has owned, operated, and exhibited at “The Fine Art Gallery” in Second Life. She has also had solo exhibitions in several other virtual galleries and has collaborated with London-based writer/artist Victor Vezina on various virtual art projects. She owns and runs “Australian Artists”, a group for Australian artists operating in virtual worlds, and “Second Edition”, a project for artists and others interested in virtual books.

Juanita Deharo also owns and operates several successful on-line businesses. She makes and sells virtual plants, trees, rivers, waterfalls, and mountains, and builds virtual landscapes and environments on commission. For many of these she has used images from the Sunshine Coast as the ‘textures’ for making her virtual products. In 2008 she designed and made a virtual Australian garden for the Australian Broadcasting Commission’s ‘island’ in Second Life. Much of the Australian flora in that garden was derived from car parks and gardens in Noosa.

Her real life persona is Sunshine Coast artist Judy Barrass.

Virtual TreeLine

Juanita will develop a virtual project for TreeLine, and will aim to evoke a response to the idea of trees and the natural world.

The project aims to bridge the gap between the real and the virtual by creating an immersive environment in virtual space that can be visited on-line from anywhere in the world as well as being accessible in a local gallery environment through screen and projector based technology.

The virtual environment will be ‘built’ with 3D building software, that will be both a part of the art work and the space used to house various other components such as individual smaller works and interpretive elements. The built virtual environment and the artworks housed in it will evoke a response to the idea of trees and the natural world, with particular reference to the Sunshine Coast and major environmental issues both locally and internationally.

Adults from anywhere in the world will also be able to visit and interact with the immersive environment within the virtual world Second Life. Production of a printed children’s book (based on the virtual artwork) and CD with interactive educational games is also being explored.



Also visit Juanita's website www.juanitadeharo.com/

Meet Juanita for Coffee and a Chat

Meet Juanita for an Art-Over-Coffee morning at Noosa Regional Gallery on 5 June, 2010, 11am-12pm.  $12.  Ph. 5449-5340 to book.

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