Reading Glasses – A Support For The Eyestrain

We call reading glasses to glasses that help you get a clear view when performing activities that require near vision. Reading glasses are glasses with monofocal lenses optimized to compensate for vision at close range. Colloquially often called reading glasses, reading glasses or reading glasses to prescription glasses that are used to correct presbyopia.

Presbyopia, also known as farsightedness, is a refractive caused by a progressive hardening of the lens of the eye. This process is associated with age and is entirely matural. Loss of flexibility of the lens generates a difficulty of focusing the eye at near distances. This translates into difficulty performing activities requiring near vision, such as reading activities. Presbyopia is inevitably associated with age and, although it can occur at any time, usually begins to manifest around 45 or 50 years.

When Reading Glasses Are Needed?

A person needs to use reading glasses if there is any eye defect that prevents you to have a clear vision closely. Understanding see near and see at a distance of between 33 and 40 cm. Activities like watching television or working on the computer screen are not considered are not considered as tasks performed closely, since the distances should be higher. Activities to do with reading glasses are the type of reading, writing, sewing, drawing … This inability to focus up close is usually related to presbyopia. Presbyopia, commonly known as farsightedness, is a difficulty in focusing at short distances. This deterioration of near vision is associated with the passage of age and loss of accommodative ability of the eye.

How Can Cost Reading Glasses Suitable?

Reading glasses can be very cheap, compared to other glasses. It is difficult to access offers of this type of glasses for less than 20 euros. But we must tread very careful. Generally such cheap spectacles lenses are often manufactured without regard to the individual specifications of each eye. So, it is important not be swayed by bargain prices and buy without thinking about something that may end up damaging the eye.

You can say that reading glasses are around the same prices as any goggle with monofocal lenses. The final price will depend on the frame, the type of lenses and treatments are added to the lenses.

Prescription Reading Glasses

In pharmacies, drug stores, supermarkets and other shops can be found prescription reading glasses. All of these glasses have very cheap prices but do they really suitable for use as reading glasses? Yes, but with certain limitations. These glasses do their job but if used continuously may cause some kind of damage resulting from the inadequacy of the peculiarities of each person’s eyes.

The prescription reading glasses are not tailored to the characteristics of each individual glasses. Pupillary distance and the height of the nasal bridge are not regulated. This means that, if these glasses are used as reading glasses commonly used, not both eyes being used properly. A permanent use of this type of glasses can cause headaches or eye damage. It is advisable to go for a custom reading glasses are optimized to measures and values ​​of each person to avoid misuse ends causing damage. Also you can consider Hawaiian Lenses polarized bifocal sunglasses, which are popular in the peoples all over world. Check more information on their official website at

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