Requirements For The Nonimmigrant American Visa

The requirements for the American visa are varied, but two are fundamental. Prove that you do not intend to stay in the US and have sufficient economic means.

This article applies to so-called nonimmigrant visas, such as tourist or leisure, student and temporary work visas.


Two requirements stand out above all others: first , it is necessary to prove that the person applying for a visa has no intention of staying in the United States or longer than allowed by the visa.

For this, it is necessary to show that there are strong family ties or work or study in one’s country. That is, you have a wife or husband and children, or a good job or you are studying.

In the second place , it is necessary to prove that the foreigner applying for visa, if traveling to the United States, will not become a public economic burden. For this, it is best to demonstrate that you have sufficient economic means to pay for the trip, the stay and unforeseen events that may arise, such as an accident or illness.

In short, the consular officer must be convinced that he is going to travel to the United States, leave on time, not violate any immigration law, such as intending to seek employment when applying for a tourist visa, and during The stay will not become a public charge. These are 20 causes for denying visas .


Basically, the fulfillment of the requirements for the visa is demonstrated with documentation .

However, it is essential to understand the o1 visa requirements explained by the consular officer.

In addition, the consul may have access to data that the visa applicant does not know. For example, in some countries, check with the bureaus for possible outstanding debts.

Also, consular officials are well aware that in some countries unscrupulous lawyers present false documents.

It should be emphasized again and again that if this is the case and the consulate discovers the fraud, it will be practically impossible for the person who presented the false documents to get a visa or in the future. And it does not matter if I say I did not know anything, it was all a lawyer’s fault. You have to know what documents are presented.

It is also very important the interview , since the impression that is caused in the official is essential so that you can get an idea of ​​the intentions that the applicant has the visa.

At the Embassy or Consulate where you are dealing, you are free to interpret the documents and the interview and decide whether to grant the visa request or, if on the contrary, to deny.

For example, it is possible that two people with the same payroll income receive different replies at the same consulate, and that one receives the visa and another does not. And that is taken into account factors such as the size of the family, links of all kinds and the impression that is caused in the interview.

So although the data may be similar, the truth is that each applicant is different and the response of the consulate can also be.

Finally, it is true that the letter of invitation is an important element in the visa application process. But it is not necessary. And of course having a visa is not the same as getting a visa. The important thing is not the family situation neither the income nor the intention of the person who invites another to visit him.

The fundamental thing, and this has to be understood very well, is the situation of the one applying for the visa . You can have a perfect invitation letter, even from an American citizen with strong incomes.

But if the consulate suspects that the applicant intends to stay in the United States, the petition will not be granted.


In addition to those already mentioned, it is advisable to know the following, since to ignore it can have as consequence that the visa is not obtained:

  • Follow the steps to request it
  • Ask for the appropriate visa. For example, if you go to study, you do not go as a tourist. Or if the intention is to marry, much eye with marrying with tourist visa .
  • Certain offenses prevent visas from being granted. If the consul learns of an offense after having given the visa, he can call the holder to the consulate to cancel it or even can do it without notification. It is enough to include the person’s data in the US visa system and it is canceled.
  • Violation of immigration laws can also have negative consequences. If you have had a visa previously and you have stayed in the United States longer than due, life can be canceled or revoked immediately and it will be difficult to get a new one. In addition, it must be known that the previous illegal presence makes it impossible for a number of years, ranging from three to ten, to return to the US.


The first thing is that you have to be clear is the cause. If you have not tried enough bonds there are certain rules that should be taken into account when re-applying for the visa and avoid paying a fee and get a “no” each time you go to the interview.

If the cause is a different one, such as a previous immigration violation or even a crime, the most sensible thing to do is talk to an immigration lawyer and assess the possibility of successfully applying for a waiver (also known as pardon ).


These practical tips are relevant for retaining the visa, if at all.

Do not exceed allowed time. To find out when you can stay in the US, see the date on I-94, not the expiration date of the visa. Knowing that staying longer can result in the automatic revocation of the visa.

If you are in the US and want to extend the stay , do it on time. In certain cases, in addition, it will be possible to change one visa for another, such as the tourist visa for the student visa.

To report properly and immediately the loss or theft of a passport that contains a visa.

Renew the visa before it expires or in the months following its expiration.


Before beginning the procedures to obtain the visa it is advisable to inform about the time  of delay  that takes its processing as well as what can be done if an emergency visa to the United States is needed  .

It is also important to know the fee  or visa fee , taking into account that the money is not recovered in cases where the visa is denied.

Finally, it is advisable to take this test on the tourist visa . Clear important doubts and concerns and provide relevant knowledge to help get the visa and keep it.

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