Structured Cabling Of Copper And Fiber

As spaces are reduced and communication needs increase, new solutions for voice, data and video transport appear through different means of transport, unifying the communication in a single medium, among which the most outstanding are the fiber optics and the CAT 7A. For this, our company accompanies providing solutions based on the needs of the client and in operation to the market trends in Peru. ▪ Structured cabling category 5, 5E, 6, 6A, 7A. ▪ External plant: copper, fiber optic and radio link ▪ Electrical networks – stabilized ▪ Data center

▪ Certifications: o Copper category 5, 6, 6A, 7: Fluke NETWORKS and SunSet MTT or optical fiber: OTDR

Our project department manages services with a wide line of fiber optic cable and copper cables from the best manufacturers guaranteeing. Thus, the suitability of the projects in which it participates and the unbeatable quality / price ratio of the installations it performs.

From our extensive experience, we offer and guarantee  integrated structured cabling solutions that include a series of cables, jacks and patch hardware. All components work together to produce electrical performance that meets ISO / EIC and TIA Category 5, 6, 7 / Class E standards.

All elements that make up the system comply with these regulations: patch panels, 4-pair twisted pair cables, modules, and so on.

We offer connectivity and structured voice-data cabling solutions for communications networks. Thanks to our connectivity solutions we provide the wireless, fiber and copper infrastructures that enable a large number of communications services.

DNP CORP has proven and consolidated experience in structured cabling installations for voice and data. Also tell us a communications infrastructure , which allows you to interconnect different systems, data, voice, video and more to share resources, improve the possibilities of changes and transfers of people, resources, computer equipment, and increase the level of service maintenance of the company, being able to be based on copper cable or optical fiber.

In most companies Voice-Data Cabling installations are carried out with a long-term view and should be treated as an investment in ICT (Information and Communication Technologies). Due to their importance, structured cabling facilities should be planned and performed by qualified professionals. For this reason, DNP CORP counts on a human team qualified and certified by the most important manufacturers of this sector.

In order to guarantee the success and correct operation of a structured cabling for data and voice , it is necessary to define the use for which the network is to be used, to make a correct dimensioning of the workstations and to make a correct forecast of the structures needed for installation. Before installation of the voice-data cabling network , it is necessary to have measurements and any important features so that the installation can be performed according to existing regulations.

In order to carry out the implementation of structured cabling, in addition to the need to use connectivity materials and a certified quality wiring, with its corresponding specifications, we have a staff that is perfectly qualified and certified to make use of such wiring connectivity materials.

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