Before Buying A Blender: Tips

When the first blenders came on the market a few decades ago, they caused real fury, but these first appliances were too “daunting” and complicated to use and clean. For their contribution to a healthy diet, where natural juices and smoothies full of vitamins, minerals and fiber are not lacking, the blenders are again in the lead in the kitchen, and the main brands have produced really functional models and perfect for those who those who are concerned about proper nutrition.

Of course, there are a number of parameters to keep in mind when choosing one or the other: how many people we are at home, what kind of drinks you want to prepare or what space you have in your kitchen.

There are many models from which to choose and some have an excellent price for the good performance and optimal results that can provide you (in them we want to focus). An orange juice mango and pineapple, a “detox” shake, with carrot, orange and watercress, a delicious cream of vegetables. If you are determined that your kitchen does not lack a good blender without this is a big investment, some details and technical aspects that you must consider before choosing which you want are:

Power: Of course, the more, the better. The minimum would be 200 w., For compact blenders and sporadic use. A mean, more than sufficient, is the one of those machines of 700 – 800 watts. If you want a really fast and efficient appliance, capable of extracting every last drop of each food, you look for a blender with power that oscillates between 1,000 and 1,500 w.

Capacity: The right one will always depend on your own needs. You may need one with a family tank, which will allow you to get a good amount of juices / smoothies at one time, or you will suffice with a smaller one, perfect for one or two people. You have them in a great variety of sizes, from which they have glasses of little more than half a liter, to those that exceed 2 liters.

Size Of Blender Mouth: It matters more than it seems because a small food intake implies having to cut them into numerous pieces (more time and work). Hoppers of more than 7 cm in diameter are very comfortable to introduce fruits and vegetables almost whole.

Ease Of Cleaning: It is essential not to have to spend too much time in the blender every time you use it. That it is removable and that most of its parts can be washed in a dishwasher is important.

Blender + Juice Extractor: The blender is a small appliance that, in fact, what it does is to shred in tiny pieces the food, extracting, well, the juices. The best ones also have extraction function, to add to the performance of a juicer (they obtain more liquid from each piece).

Design & Materials: Ofcourse it matters because the design directly influences the aesthetics of your kitchen and the materials (hard plastics and stainless steel) determine, to a great extent, the durability and durability of the appliance. You have them compact for limited spaces and others that really require “own place”. When storing an important detail is that they have a cable collection system built into the blender itself. Very comfortable and practical.

Features: There are many details that differentiate one device from another. Ability to operate at two speeds, depending on the hardness of the fruits and vegetables you want to liquefy, safety systems, anti-drip and anti-splash, sealing of the glass, independent deposit for the pulp … extras that make the difference.

Final: We hope the above information will help you to have best blender for your kicthen If you like to read more information or looking to buy then you should read the expert reviews at Cocina Española, so you can buy the best blenders at affordable prices.

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