Traffic Lawyers Near Me: All You Need To Know

A traffic lawyer helps his client to get justice in case he is charged for a traffic related felony or violation of traffic rules and regulations.

Types Of Traffic Violations

There are two broad types of traffic violations:

  1. Civil traffic violations: Disobeying traffic rules like ignoring a signal or speeding or parking in a non-parking zone are few under this category of traffic violations. Penalties may include monetary fines, suspension of driving license, increase in the rates of driving insurance and others.
  2. Criminal traffic violations: This is of the serious category. Driving while drinking or causing an accident with loss or injury to people is a classic example of criminal traffic violations. You might have to search for traffic lawyer near me in this case.

When To Hire A Traffic Lawyer

There are several serious offenses related to breaking of traffic rules. A parking ticket may not require a lawyer in most cases but there are situations when you may need one. Following are some common situations when hiring a traffic lawyer is a reasonable way to save your reputation, money and get you released from your offense:

  1. Driving without a license or with a suspended or expired license
  2. Driving without an insurance
  3. Arrested for breaking speed limits or given a ticket
  4. Warrants are being issued for not paying tickets and fines
  5. Frequent traffic rule disobedience
  6. Driving in the wrong lane
  7. Charged with Driving Under Intoxication or DUI
  8. Charged with a hit and run case
  9. Deliberately avoiding questionnaire with a traffic officer when caught in drunk driving
  10. Driving with a non-permissible blood alcohol limit

Every country has its own rules and regulations when it comes to traffic. In fact, the penalties and course of actions might vary across different states in US. The law is complex for a commoner to understand and act accordingly. Especially, if the offender is required to appear in the court of law, then a traffic lawyer should be hired to support the case.

How To Select The Right Traffic Lawyer?

  1. Credentials come first in this list. The law firm should preferably be associated with reputed law associations of the country.
  2. What is the number of similar cases that the law firm has handled and what is the success rate in this matter? Can they cite satisfied clients? What is the year of experience in this sector of law?
  3. Are you comfortable in discussing your case with the lawyer? What is your impression over the initial telephonic interview that you had with them? Do they seem interested in taking your case? How much is the chance of your case to be dissolved in your side? What is the opinion of the lawyer in this regard?
  4. What is the consultation fee and another cost of the case? How is it structured? Is it on an hourly basis or a flat fee basis?

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